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Traditional Yoga Self Practice Cycles 

Learn and Practice at your own pace.

Taught by Claire-Marie Landré 




Atha yoganushasanam

Now the exposition of yoga is being made.
 -Yoga Sutra 1.1 Patanjali Yoga Sutras

We come together as student,  teacher and sangha (community sharing the practice) because we all have an inherent dissatisfaction that is animating us to search. What we are initially searching for might vary for each individual. However, that which we are searching for becomes secondary once we realize that the search itself is a constantly evolving journey of Self-realization. This realization manifests as a better equilibrium between body, mind and heart, which reflects onto all levels of daily life.

The beautiful science of Yoga offers us techniques & tools that allow us to explore the different landscapes of body, mind and soul.  

During  each cycle we will integrate:
- asana (physical postures)
- sankalpa: set an intention for each cycle
- pranayama (breathing technique)
- mantra (sound)
- (preparation towards) meditation
- yoga nidra (conscious relaxation)
- a weekly piece of Philosophy to ponder (by e-mail)

Each cycle we will explore different techniques for the seated practices. The objective is to give you a few simple techniques that you can experiment  & integrate into your daily practice and experience their effect. 


To prepare and maintain our bodies for the seated practices, a Mysore Style teaching method is used to guide you in your asana practice.

In general, Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga is taught, however, the sequence(s) is (are) taught in all its forms and variations in order to support you where you are physically, mentally and emotionally right now. Not to mention, we take into account how much time you have available for a Self Practice and your priorities.  (for further clarification check FAQ)

This means that everyone’s practice will differ, and that is the magic of individual based practice and teaching.
There is no judgement, comparison or competition as we are each on our individual path. With compassion, understanding & openheartedness we can support each other on this path to deeper Self knowledge.

Sa tu dirgha-kala-nairantarya-satkarasevito drdha-bhumih
It (Abhyasa) becomes firmly grounded on being continued for a long time, without interruption and with reverent devotion.
-Yoga Sutra 1.14 Patanjali Yoga Sutras

You can read a book or do a course on pranayama, mantra, yoga nidra etc, but to really experience their effects for yourself is a question of sadhana, constant practice and experimenting over an extended period of time.

“Practice, practice, practice” is what my teacher always says, and that is the main objective of these Self Practice Cycles.
To support you in your practice, for you to fully experience the effects of this amazing science.

Join a small group of maximum 12 practitioners to explore this wonderful yoga science where we let movement, breath and sound carry us through our inner landscapes.

This space is open to ALL LEVELS. In a small group setting there is space for individual attention to explain everything from the beginning, or explore more advanced options knowing that you will feel guided by the teacher as well as the supportive group energy.

If you have no prior knowledge, or you have only followed led classes, you are WELCOME. Please do not let this hold you back from learning yoga in this traditional and very valuable way. All you need is a willingness and curiosity to learn and explore the yoga practice. If you are curious, but still not sure, please do not hesitate to contact me directly so we can meet and have a talk about it.

 In this practice cycle it is possible to:


  • Learn a basic yoga self-practice.
  • Develop your yoga self-practice and discipline by showing up with & joining forces with fellow practitioners 1 to 3 mornings per week.
  • Take the next step from led classes to exploring self-practice.
  • Explore next steps in your practice, be it, advancing to new asanas or series, or deepening your understanding of breath and energetics and moving towards meditation.
  • Develop a yoga practice taking into account any (old) injuries, your body type, your energy and not unimportant, your daily schedule and home situation.
  • Take the first steps to developing a lifelong, sustainable self-practice under the guidance of an experienced teacher.

At the start of each cycle some time will be spent on sankalpa or intention. We will check in again with our sankalpa during the new moon phase.

During each cycle your personal Sadhana will be developped. The things that you would like to work on and recommendations from the teacher are combined into a Sadhana Sheet which will serve as a support and reminder of your intention and plan. 


On Wednesday & Sunday the first 30 minutes of class is dedicated to seated practices (pranayama-mantra-meditation) 


After class on Sunday there is the possibility of coming together for a shared breakfast with fellow practitioners and to ask any questions about practice.

Shala open January 16th onwards!

First class starts Sunday January 16th! 

Cycle Schedules:

Classes are offered in cycles of 6 to 8 weeks.
You choose which days you want to practice and how many times per week. 

If your availability varies from the cycle dates, please contact me and we can find a solution. 



January-February 2022 // January 16th - March 2n // BOOK YOUR SPOT // 

March-April 2022 // March 14th - April 27th  // more info soon...

May-June 2022 // May 9th - June 29th // more info soon...

July/August // Summer Retreat // more info soon...




January 16th - March 2nd


Schedule & Timings:

7:00-7:30 Seated Practice
7:30-9:00 Asana Practice



8:00-8:30 Seated Practice
8:30-10:00 Asana Practice


Friday February 25th
Community Dinner 


  • 1x/week: Wednesday : €105
  • 1x/week: Sunday : €105
  • 2x/week: Wednesday & Sunday : €175 (instead of €210)


*There is slight flexibility in catching up missed classes on other days. This can be discussed with Claire when necessary. 

Prices include VAT

I strongly believe that if you really want to learn Yoga there is a way.
If you are facing financial challenges payment in instalments or a modified price, or an exchange is possible, please contact me to discuss this option.



Meneer de Wit, centrum voor kunst en cultuur

Baarsjesweg 202, 1057 HS Amsterdam


Good to Know:

  • Each practice-cycle class is limited to a minimum of 5 participants and a maximum of 12 participants and will only proceed if the minimum number of registrants is filled.
  • Please bring your own yoga mat.
  • When you embark on a yoga self practice, it is recommended to commit to at least 3 days of practice per week. Even if it means 15-20 minutes per day. Therefore, permit yourself at least one day a week of home practice. This is a wonderful opportunity to integrate what you learn/experience in class, to establish your home practice time and space and helps to develop discipline and consistency, all which will allow you to really experience the great benefits of yoga practice.
  • During each cycle, we reflect on a few phrases from important yogic texts. These will be sent to you by e-mail. This is optional and only recommended if you feel pulled towards the reflection on yogic philosophy.
  • Full & New Moon
    If moondays fall on class days we get together for seated practices and group discussion/satsang. We rest from asana practice on these days. 
  • Should you have any injuries or sensitivities in your body, please inform the teacher at the beginning of your practice.
  • During your menstrual cycle (ladies holiday), it is highly recommended to rest from physical yoga practice on the heaviest days (1st to third day) You are free to take rest on this day, or come to class and do a more restorative/meditative practice.
  • I will be available by phone and email for the duration of the cycle, should you need extra support or advice in your practice.
  • Please note, yoga is not a substitute for medical or psychological treatment or therapy. If you have any (recent) trauma, injuries, chronic pain or disease please contact me directly to discuss if yoga can be an additional tool towards your healing.
  • Please respect that a commitment is made from both parties with regards to time and energy. Payments will not be refunded if particpation is subsequently cancelled. 
  • By booking this course you acknowledge that you have read, understand, and are in agreement with the above statements.