Dearest MC practitioners


1st of July we resume practice in the shala. 

It has been a very interesting and transformative experience these past few months, however I know we are all looking forward to coming together in a physical place, where our energies uplift each other to share in practice. 

Additionally I think now is a good moment to start including additional Yoga related stuff to our program such as meditation, pranayama & philosophy.


As a first addition I will do 2 guided pranayama sessions a month before the Led Class on Friday mornings. These classes will be online.
We have already been getting together online to meditate on New and Full moon days, and I will continue to hold that space. Meditation is about being in silence and observing through the layers of self to find the Self. But joining in meditation is something very special to share and be reminded that we are not alone on our journey.   


Meditation & pranayama, just like asana is about PRACTICE. It does not make sense to learn a lot, keep the information in your head, and never use it. It is better to start with a little, and put it into practice. This is possible if you put your mind to it. For example 15 minutes of your daily practice can be dedicated to nadi shodana and sitting in silence.


Please feel free to use 15-30 minutes of your practice in the shala also for yoga nidra/breathing/meditation. This can be in the beginning or end of your session. If this is something you need guidance in, then please reach out so that I can help you to find the right techniques to start practicing.


I do not think philosophy classes are realistic, and I am no philosophy scholar, but I do think an optional study group, where we share our knowledge and experiences is a very valuable addition to the program.

I have already started to share the weekly ‘homework’. I will continue to do this, and if there is the need, together we can explore and discuss about it on Sundays after practice. If you cannot be present on Sundays, please share your ideas and knowledge in the comment box under the homework so that everyone can read it.
If there is a theme you are really curious about, please let me know.



Here are some practical things with regards to the new 1,5m way.

- schedule for the shala will remain the same as before: 

   Mysore Style
   Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday 6:30-9:15 and 2 sundays a month 8:00-10:00.

   For July schedule overview check the website

- reserve your spot to come practice at the shala
  Reserve your spot here: https://mysoreclandestino.youcanbook.me/
  Password: clandestinoshala

  You will be able to choose the duration of your practice and the time you would like to arrive. 
- we will maintain a partly ONLINE schedule also
  Mysore Style:
  Monday & Friday 2x/month 7:00-9:00,
  Pranayama & Led Class (can be taken as two seperate classes):
  The other 2 online Fridays 7:00-9:00. 

  The other 2 Sundays of the month we will all practice together 8:00-10:00 online.
I am maintaining part of the program ONLINE as I think it is good to maintain/stimulate your home practice and move towards a daily practice. Also this might be practical for those who are not always able to come to the shala, living far away/traveling/working. 

Please refer to the website for an overview of the Schedule.

- Prices will no longer be donation based.
Please do not hesitate to contact me if there is an issue/difficulty with regards to payment. I want EVERYONE to be able to practice. 

There are different Practice Plans. Please refer to the website for all the info.


- Please be so kind as to make the payment before coming to practice the first time. Please mention your name and the month + year in the reference. 

  1. Transfer to the following bank account:
    Claire-Marie Landre 
  2. Paypal:


Guidelines when you arrive at the Shala:

- wash your hands before entering the space, and whenever you leave, wash before entering again. 
- place your mat on the next available designated spot. 

- It is LOGIC but has to be said: Respect the Yama of Saucha, Purity. It is good to take a hot shower before practice. This warms and prepares the body for practice and allows you to enter the space cleansed. This also applies to your mat. 

- There will be sanitizing spray to clean props if you want before, but especially after using them, so that they are ready for the next person to use. 

- With regards to adjustments: I will be wearing a mask, and use hand sanitizer between every adjustment. I will do minimum amount of adjustments. 

- Everyone will get their personal Consent Coupon

If you do not feel comfortable with receiving adjustments, you can place the Consent Coupon (from now on referred to as CC) red side up. If you are happy to receive small adjustments, green side up. 





- Please respect 1,5m distance from your fellow students at all times, also in the foyer and other areas inside the building. It might feel unnecessary, but for now we need to respect this rule. 

- Please stay home & take rest if you feel any signs of fever or illness. 



Soon MC will turn 1.

I for one cannot believe that one year has gone by, but at the same time, there has been a lot of transformation within the group and all of us as persons. 

To celebrate together I would be honoured with your presence 

Sunday July 18th 10:30 onwards for a lovely Potluck.


Good weather: Erasmus Park, field in front of Terrasmus/Children's playground. 

Bad weather: To be confirmed. 

I will send out an invitation separately soon. But in the meantime save the date. 




I will be leaving stickers at the door for you to take and stick around town ;) 

This is an amazing, healing, transformative practice so let's make some more people curious about it. 


As you all know we have an Instagram account. 

On this account we would like to portray Mysore Clandestino as it is. And our idea is to make it a community platform, sharing everything we have to share related to our practice and spiritual journey. 
So I would love to invite to you tag @mysoreclandestino when you share something that you would not mind us to share, and also share pictures, images and texts on our whatsapp group that we can then use as content on our Instagram account. 



Again, thankyou for your presence and energy always!


Hari OM!


On behalf of Mysore Clandestino