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My beloved teachers will be in Amsterdam in June. 

There are few teachers who inspire me as Gilles and Valerie Redard. 

It does not matter whether it is asana, pranayama, philosophy or meditation, their teachings on yoga are endless and one can listen to them for hours. 

I am so happy and honoured to host them at 8Petals Tradtitional Yoga Shala!


Saturday June 25th 14:00-18:00

Sunday June 26th 8:00-12:00



Meneer de Wit, Centrum voor Kunst en Cultuur

Baarsjesweg 202, 1057 HS Amsterdam



2 days €120
1 day €75

Special Event

Traditional Yoga Weekend Seminar

Special Event
Special Event

Traditional Yoga Weekend Seminar


Prices include VAT

I strongly believe that if you really want to learn Yoga there is a way.
If you are facing financial challenges payment in instalments or a modified price, or an exchange is possible, please contact me to discuss this option.


About Gilles & Valerie Redard

Having an authentic yogi background, friend of Gérard Blitz, Gille's profound transmission comes from the beings he has worked with: Guruji Thabovaan, Krishnamacharya, Desikachar, Nil Hahoutoff, Master Deshimaru, Krishnamurti, Satyananda, Muktananda, B. Khan, and many others...
Valerie is pure expression of Bhakti and inspires with her vast knowledge and devotional attitude towards yoga. She is also an amazing artist. 

They have years and years of experience and have the most inspiring and touching way to transmit traditional yoga teachings.

They currently live in Ecuador where they host yoga seminars and long term yoga education programs. They travel to France once a year in the summer to meet new students and host a retreat for their long term (some more than 30 years!) European students

There is no way to put Gilles and Valerie in a box such as Hatha, Raja, Ashtanga, Kundalini, Meditation, Holistic therapy etc etc. 

They represent and teach Yoga as a Whole. And if you come to meet them you will understand why. 

Testimonials from students of Gilles & Valerie

Yoga Journey and meeting with Gilles

My interest in Yoga started at a very young age. It has become obvious.

Who is Gilles?
Gilles is more than a teacher. He is a true Guru, in the noble sense of the word - helping to move from shadow to light, while freeing the student, the disciple, from his physical and psychological obstacles.

Meeting with the teacher
My meeting with Gilles clearly helped me to understand and deepen my practice of Yoga. For twenty years I have benefited from his teachings and his initiations, I was able to clarify my practice and progress significantly.

Specificities of the lessons
Besides the attraction and the resonance that I feel for Yoga, Gilles was, and still remains, an accelerator, a stimulant to energize my spiritual evolution.
Putting the transmissions received into practice quickly bore fruit. I was able to experience from the first meeting with this spiritual teacher another level – another resonance, which is not communicated in the Yoga manuals.
The virtue of self-presence, of inner silence, is experienced directly in contact with Gilles. The attenuation, even the cessation of the activities of the mind is a reality which is possible in his presence – as codified by the Sutras of Patanjali.

Direct dive
With Gilles it is a direct dive (if you have ears to hear) into the heart of ancestral transmissions: Veda, Bhagavad Gita, Advaïta Vedanta, Samkhya, teachings of Jesus and the Buddha – sometimes with literary explanations and commentaries and at others
moments through metaphysical experience, spontaneous realization. In these moments, I end up understanding, that is to say: I really realize what is at question – without the need for further explanation, having integrated it internally.
Yoga is no longer a word – it has become a lived experience – an inner fire revived by the guru.

The contact with Gilles is a precious help in this period where Yoga is mixed with all sauces. His teaching and his transmission are unmixed, inherited from encounters with authentic spiritual beings. His very advanced experience, his level of realization and of course his clairvoyance are a help on our way.
His simple, direct access, his sensitivity and his humility are all invaluable values ​​that help us to progress towards a real inner journey.


Philippe, student since more than 20 years

St Genès Champanelle, France

Thank you Gilles
Thank you for your postural practice so sharp and constantly renewed.
Thank you for introducing us to the energy of the breath and more.
Thank you for the surprising sensations within the meditation.
Thank you for your rigour, your patience, your anecdotes about all your rich encounters in life.
Thank you for the horizons you have opened up for us in this life and beyond.
Thank you for the path you light up, so we get lost less often.
Thank you for your advice constantly repeated for 20 years, which we try to follow.
Thank you for respecting everyone's freedom, even when we go astray.
Thank you for your mood swings that we often understand after a while.
Thank you for being the mirror without which we would not have discovered ourselves physically, mentally or spiritually.
Thank you to the teacher, the master, the guide on the path of yoga sometimes so difficult.
Even if some health concern takes us away physically, you are present in our meditations.
Thank you Valerie
Thank you for your attentive presence.
Thank you for your kindness and understanding.
Thank you for this big heart that you offer us.
Thank you for your frankness and your smile.
Thank you for your journeys on the threshold of shamanism.

Arielle&Yves, students since more than 20 years


I did my yoga teacher training with Gilles from 1988 to 1992, four years until graduation and one year post-training.

From the beginning of the training, the work with Gilles was dazzling, unlocking, thanks to all his knowledge and his spiritual gifts, the most buried blockages, both physical (thanks to osteopathy) and psychological or more subtle on the astral plane.
Gilles is a whole, a man orchestrating all levels of being, from the most down to earth to the highest, from the most concrete to the most subtle.

A born visionary, a tireless seeker of Truth, he was nourished by all the wisdom of many masters of yoga, from India and Navarre (the list is so long!) and by an incessant practice of all levels of yoga.
He is not afraid to shake up the received ideas of our Western education, our compartmentalized limits, our ignorance, as well as our certainties.
Through the practice of mantras, meetings with Tibetan or other masters, references to the sacred texts of yoga and India, asanas, pranayama and exercises to strengthen and relax, he teaches us the immense richness of yoga and spiritual research.
And the ultimate experience to which he guided me was the stay in Sai Baba's ashram to which he brought a group of his students.

We had the extraordinary and rare chance of meeting Sai Baba in person, thanks to Gilles, “the chosen one of the Gods”! He was received at each of his stays that he renewed for years at the ashram, which is exceptional.
After some years away from his teachings, I find him with the same joy and the same eagerness to receive the spiritual food that he generously distributes to his students.
And I find him with his beautiful companion Valérie, herself accompanied by a line of Indian masters, a real knowledge of yoga and the same generous desire to share.
Being in their company is a real journey towards the infinite dimension of our being.
We leave their retreats, filled with beautiful foods and pockets full of beautiful "recipes" to continue the journey alone in our room or in the middle of our busy lives.


Claude Rollin, student since 1988

It is difficult to put into words the level of profound transformation that took place in me after meeting Gilles and Valerie.  I studied with them 3 years of traditional yoga training and 1 year post-training.  After that I traveled to live outside of Ecuador and somehow I had to interrupt my practice with them, but now I can say that after 4 years of being away, regardless of the distance, the connection with them is still just as deep and they are still my only teachers.  From the day I met them, my perception of yoga changed drastically.  They are honestly the closest thing to magic that I have ever come across in my life.  The level of energy management and knowledge of yoga is impressive, and I can say that anyone who has the opportunity to meet them is really lucky.


Ana Caro Leon

Quito, Ecuador

The path with Gilles and Valerie has marked my life. They have given me the confidence and  teachings, to look at myself, to have my personal practice, to find the will to follow this path and to take charge of my life more and more. They are loving, generous and path illuminators.


Maria-Elena, student since 2011

Quito, Ecuador 

Almost 10 years ago I first got in touch with teachers Gilles and Valerie Redard when I attended a cellular memory therapy, which was very revealing for me because through it I was able to release emotions that had been stored in the unconscious since I was a child. From there, they became my spiritual guides.
I trained to become a Yoga Instructor for 3 years and the following years I have been attending  the Energetic Yoga post-training.
Through these years I have been able to experience a profound transformation at the level of my body, emotions and mind; being part at the same time, of a loving and constant group.
I totally recommend them, because they are beings who guide from experience and love, without fanaticism and with total respect.
Esther Velasquez Vasquez, student since 2012
Quito, Ecuador

Hi, I am Orna, I started practicing yoga probably 12 years ago but it wasn’t complete till I met Gilles & Valerie. The great maestros came into my life about 6 years ago & I keep on thanking for their teaching & guidance. I feel blessed to have them as teachers that accompany me & are part of my life in that wonderful experience that yoga became for me. It’s not just practice, it’s part of how I am 
I feel lucky & thankful to have Gilles & Valerie special energy in my life 


Orna, student since 2015
Quito, Ecuador 

There are few teachers who inspire me as Gilles and Valerie Redard. 

It does not matter whether it is asana, pranayama, philosophy or meditation, their teachings on yoga are endless and one can listen to them for hours. 

They reflect their many  years of experience in the most inspiring and touching way to transmit traditional yoga teachings.

There is no way to put Gilles and Valerie in a box such as Hatha, Raja, Ashtanga, Kundalini, Meditation, Holistic therapy etc etc. 

They represent and teach Yoga as a Whole. And when you meet them you will understand why. 
Studying with Gilles and Valerie has taught me the real meaning of yoga and to approach these teachings with the utmost respect it deserves. 

What I have learned from them I cannot express in one sentence or a paragraph.  
I feel honoured and privileged to have my Guru's and my fellow yogis by my side and in my heart wherever I am and whatever I do. 


Claire-Marie, student since 2012

Amsterdam, Netherlands